Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glow stick Jars

I have seen this idea on numerous blogs and even pinned it so that I would remember to do it someday with the kiddos.  The kids and I had to make a trip to the dollar store and happened to pass by the packages of glow stick bracelets while I was there.  I quickly put a couple of packages in the cart and told the kids that if they were good, we'd get to use them for a project later that night.  Once it was dark, we got started.  All you have to do it cut open the glow stick and empty the contents into a jar (we used glass containers).
Malachi chose the blue glow ended up being the brightest. 

Happy, happy kiddos!  We did it right before bed so they could have them for at bedtime and both were super excited for their special night light

We discovered that the pink, orange, and yellow don't work nearly as well as the blue and purple (blue was actually the best).  We ended up adding the pink, orange and yellow sticks all together in Sapphira's and it wasn't nearly as bright as Malachi's one blue stick.  The packages said the sticks were non-toxic, so I didn't wear gloves when I cut them open.  When I turned the lights off, my hands and counters looked like something of off CSI with all the glowing splatters everywhere.  I was thankful the mess wiped up easily and washed right off my hands.  Since we had the jars on hand, this project ended up costing less than $2 (we ended up using less 2 whole packages).  A good price for so much fun if you ask me! :)

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Rachel D. said...

I love glow sticks! I'll have to keep this in mind for the future. It makes me sad when glow sticks don't work well. Just wanted to let you know... next time go to Target. They have packages for $1 and there are 15 bracelets in them. So much cheaper than Dollar Store. Funny, I know. ~Rachel D.