Friday, March 16, 2012

Heaven Day

Once we got home from the children's museum, we got ready to send Natalie her balloons.  I asked the kids if they wanted to send a drawing to her with their balloons and they got right to work.
Malachi asked for a sheet of plain paper and found a some stickers to put on it.  He didn't want to write his message himself, but I wrote what he wanted to say to his big sister.  He had quite a bit of fun drawing all around the stickers with a pencil.  So sweet.
Sapphira picked a page from one of her favorite coloring books and made sure to color on both sides.  She also told me what she wanted to write and what color to write it in.  

 Our yearly family picture with Natalie's balloons.
 Daddy was playing with the camera while I went inside to untangle the balloons.  Such a sweet boy! (I just noticed Sapphira's goofy face in the back ground...what a goober!)
 I love this picture of her, but it's super washed out.  I played with it for a's decent now.  She's so beautiful!
 Getting ready to send his balloons to Sissy
 So excited about hers!
 All six balloons on their way! (there are two teeny-tiny ones in the lower left hand corner).  Right before Samuel and I let ours go, we each said something to her and asked the kids if they wanted to tell her anything.  Malachi went first and said "I love you Natalie!  Hope you get these in Heaven!!!  I miss you!" all while wiggling and dancing.  Sapphira also said, "I love you and miss you Na-nee!".  I'm thankful they feel like they know and love her enough to say things like that to her.
 We got cupcakes to celebrate and sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  
 Such a cheeser!

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