Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow for Spring Break??

Spring break in our city started on the 22nd.  We were greeted by a pretty thick (for our area!) blanket of snow.  The weather has been so strange this year.  First we were warm well into fall and winter and now snow in the weird.  My kids were excited for it and since our kids aren't in school and Samuel's college doesn't have a spring break, the snow didn't ruin any plans.  Since we'd just had snow just over 2 weeks earlier, I knew exactly were all our snow gear was so we bundled up and headed outside.

This boy is serious about his snow angels!
Meet Frosty!  Our first ever snowman!  Malachi was soooooo excited when I told him there was enough snow to make one!  I made the bottom ball, we worked together and Malachi very proudly made the head.
He insisted Frosty have a carrot nose (thankfully Samuel went grocery shopping the day before!) and he also found the sticks for his arms.  I found some rose hips for the eyes and I uncovered a tiny twig when I was rolling up the bottom section.
This picture was taken later after Daddy got home with my phone, but you can obviously tell how proud he is of his friend Frosty.  He even panicked a little when we had to go inside and leave Frosty outdoors.
He loved running up and down our deserted dead end street in the snow.  He would laugh so hard when he slipped and fell. :)
Happy girl!
My poor daphnes...they didn't bloom as long as they normally do this year.  I think all this crazy weather did these pretty flowers in.
Sapphira found a puddle and spent most of the time we were outside throwing snowballs into it and then stomping on them as she cackled away.

Even though the weather was so crazy, this snow sure made our kid's week!  They talked about it for several days to everyone who would listen.  I love seeing things through the eyes of children.  Makes everything better and so much more exciting!

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