Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sapphira!

Prepare for picture overload!!!  Sorry, I just couldn't narrow it down anymore!!!

How can my baby girl be 3 years old?  Weren't you just born yesterday, Sapphira?  Such a sweet girl you are...very thoughtful and considerate.  Always quick to give a kiss to your brother after he's been hurt, or offer one of your lovies if Daddy or I don't feel good.  You are still attached to your "Baby", but are starting to let her take naps in the car instead of taking her inside at stores or church. You are a quick learner, too!  You can count to 10 (sometimes higher!) by yourself and can point out all letters when asked, even out of order.  You love going to "everybody's church" (the kids were arguing once about whose church ours was and I said "it everybody's") and the day you go to Puggles is your favorite day of the week.  You love Jesus!  While you haven't yet asked Him into your heart, you sing songs to and about Him everyday and love to learn new "Jesus songs".  I think you are close to being able to understand enough to make a decision for Him soon.  We bypassed the "terrible twos" and dove right into the "terrible threes" and you are struggling with obeying all the time because I think you have new ideas about things and how the world works and want to be able to do things on your own, but you are learning quickly to be a good girl.  You will always be our little baby girl and will love you forever and ever.  xoxoxoxo

On to the party!  Sapphira picked a Strawberry Shortcake theme.  She loves watching "Cake" on TV and playing with the "Cake" toys she got at Christmas.  Whenever she sees something that has a strawberry on it, "Cake" or not, she get very excited and must look at it! :)  We held her party on March 31st since her actual birthday (4/1) fell on a Sunday.  I had so much fun planning her girly and pink!
 I made her a dress that I modeled after Strawberry Shortcake's dress on TV and even scanned a picture from one of her coloring books to make sure the applique on the front was just right.  When she saw it for the first time, she yelled "Cake", and hugged it to her chest, kissing it over and over.  Guess I did ok! :)
She really liked opening presents this year, but was insistent that this garbage bag be very close to her so she could put all the paper in it.  Why doesn't she keep her room that clean?
 I can't get this thing off!
 Oh, Boppa has a knife...he'll help me.
 A "Cake" book with an magna doodle...
 Boppa got all the plastic wrap off, thank goodness!
 oooooooooooooooooooooooo..."Tin-ter-bell"!  Bubba did good!  (He actually spent over a half and hour at Target looking at all the girl toys to find just the right toy for his sister.  He even picked the Tinkerbell with the pink shirt and shoes because she loves pink so much.  He also wrapped the present himself...he was so proud!  It made me proud, too that he was so thoughtful and really wanted to make sure she would be happy.)
 "Tin-ter-bell, Tin-ter-bell!!!!!!" She was so excited! 
Gaga and Boppa got her a book about ambulances because she says she wants to be an ambulance driver when she grows up.
 Giving the new bunny from GG and Grandpa GG a kiss.
 Another "ooooooooooooooooooooo" for the strawberry jammies we got her.  Look at the creases in her forehead...I just love her!
 She loves those jammies!  Funny thing was that she was with us when we bought them and insisted she carry them out of the store herself!  Love that 2 second memory! :)
 A strawberry pillow.  She asked for a big girl pillow for her birthday and my friend found some strawberry print flannel when it was on massive it! :)
 "oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"  A princess watch from Grandma and Papa!  She's been wearing a toy watch everywhere lately and is really starting to love the princesses, so this was a big hit!  (Apparently, the ooooooooooooooo and corresponding face was the litmus test for presents this year! ha)
 She loves the pink sunglasses Addy got her!
Her snack table!  I was too busy to get a good picture...there were pink, lime green, and red balloons back behind those cupcakes.
A good friend from church made these cupcakes for me...complete with sparkles!  They were so yummy and Sapphira loved them, but I loved that I didn't have to make them and get my kitchen dirty! ha  Thanks T!!!
 Happy girl!
 Being sung to.  I was so thankful she enjoyed it this year, after she hid her face last year and got really embarrassed.  Such a sweetheart!
Blowing it out!  She actually got it out by herself.  

What a great day!  I love being able to celebrate our children with all the people they love!  We are so glad you had fun, Sis!!!  We love you!!!!

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