Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New website

I recently ran across a new-to-me website called My Bloomin Belly. It is all about being pregnant and then a mommy. I think that it is so cute. It has articles about getting your baby used to the water (swimming and bathing) and about the pros and cons of epidurals. I like that it isn't one of those in-your-face type of sites that offer you information about things they have no experience in and tell you if you don't do things this way your a bad mommy and your kid will grow up wrong (we've all run across those, haven't we!!). The articles are more "this is what worked for me, try it and see what happens!!" Plus, and this has to be my favorite part, they have weekly giveaways!! This week they are giving away a $10 Target gift card! Who couldn't use that?!? I encourage you to stop on by, give it a try and at least enter to win...hopefully it will be one of us!! :)

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